Review Policies

I am currently accepting books with release dates of December 2011 and after for review.

I am interested in reviewing books from the following Young Adult genres:

* Paranormal/Fantasy
* Contemporary Fiction
* Dystopian

I do not accept self-published or vanity press books at this time. Please do not email asking if I will make an exception.

When an unsolicited book is submitted to Young Adult Smash for review there is no guarantee that I will have time to read it. For best results email me before sending a title to see if I’ll have room in my schedule for it.

I only review books that I am able to finish. If I am unable to finish a book (i.e. doesn’t interest me enough to finish, don’t have time to read it, etc.), I don’t write a review. That is not to say that I do not publish negative reviews. There is always a possibility that I will publish a negative review.

You may submit books to the following address:

Young Adult Smash
c/o The Well-Read Wife
45 Hardy Court #231
Gulfport, MS 39507

It is always best to email me before mailing a package to the above address.

For more information please email me at